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The most luxurious products for your lifestyle and the “Oraia” Elegant New Phone

bugatti3yacht16lifestyle22lifestyle1Our Luxury style club,, trying to pick out the highest quality and most luxurious products for your lifestyle,getting the right car,as a Bugatti super car,a modern super yacht,can suit your requirements of your lifestyle and soon the Oraia" high quality feature 5.5 inch Touch screen Android phone,for the dual purpose of protection and personalization,retail price 80€,"Oraia" Tablet,retail price 150€,"Oraia" Watch phone,retail price 50€.For orders and more

Discover the “Oraia”most advanced mobile that let you be creative and productive

mobile17mobile19We present Oraia 1,mobile.Basic Data:Model No. 5.5 inch Quad-core,Dual SIM Android,Display 5.5 QHD 960*540 Pixels Dimension 157.5*80*9.8mmmobile20.ipad7The Oraia 2,3 mobile,for the dual purpose of protection and personalization.Oraia phone 2:Basic Data,Android series,Display 3.5’ 480*320 HVGA capacitive Touch panel,Dimension 114*60*13.4mm.Oraia phone 3, Basic Data:Model No. 5.15 inch 1GHz Dual Core, Android Display 5.15'' TFT 480x800 Pixels Dimension 152.3x80x11.Language:German,Greek,French, English,Czech,Danish,Spanish,Dutch,Italian, korean, Japanese,Norwegian, Polish,Portuguese,Russian,Swedish, Turkish. Retail price for all our phones 80€.For orders and more

Buy a super car Bugatti

80104038bBugatti Veyron Grand Sport Sport (4.038).Price:1.490.000. 2)Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse (8.010).Price:1.747.100 EUR 3)Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse (8.018).Price:1.794.600 EUR.For all above One year after delivery, optional extended warranty All prices Ex Works (EXW) Starsbourg France, excluding VAT, transportation and registration costs. No. of previous owners.For more

Buying a Superyacht

travel1112yacht16Superyachts are the summit of success. They offer adventure, comfort, privacy and security.And there’s never been a better time to buy one. With today’s levels of comfort and communication, superyachts are being used not just for relaxation but as mobile offices, too: where better to make key decisions? Owners are also investing in yachts as a platform for entertaining business clients and rewarding top employees.Sailing yachts have a more natural feel at sea and can be raced competitively. Motor yachts provide more space, can be faster and built to more individualistic designs. There exists a warm-hearted rivalry between the two camps. Whichever you choose, you’ll be enjoying yourself in incomparable luxury and style. For more

Oraia smartwatch and Oraia tablet

mobile21travel44watchphone12mobile28Wear a Oraia smartwatch1.6-inch LCD handled large enough to read all of our texts, email snippets and even Twitter.Watch out Oraia tablet overview:MT8135 incorporates two high‐performance ARM Cortex™‐A15 and two ultra‐efficient ARM Cortex™‐A7 processors, and the latest GPU from Imagination Technologies, the Power VR™ Series6. Complemented by a highly optimized ARM® big.LITTLE™ processing subsystem that allows for heterogeneous multi‐processing, the resulting solution is primed to deliver premium user experiences. This includes the ability to seamlessly engage in a range of processor‐intensive applications, including heavy web‐downloading, hardcore gaming, high‐quality video viewing and rigorous multitasking – all while maintaining the utmost power efficiency. Our tablets retail price 150,swatch phones 50€. For more info &