Unfashionable first jobs led designers to the runway

bride1Fashion designers inhabit such a unique and stylish world that you might imagine they began working with fabrics and colors as soon as they emerged from the womb.Not so. Before they became fashion-week rock stars, they were often very much like the rest of us, toiling as teens at low-paying gigs.For the latest in Reuters’ monthly “First Jobs” series, we talk to a few fashion icons about the jobs that got them started on life’s runway.
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Beyonce dominates MTV video nominations, Taylor Swift shut out

beyonceSwift and West have been publicly feuding for months about whether the pop star approved lyrics in which West boasts about making her famous.Swift, 26, the top-earning celebrity in the world, has dominated music awards shows in the past five years and won four MTV music video prizes in 2015, including for her single “Bad Blood” with Kendrick Lamar.But this year she did not score any nominations after touring worldwide for much of 2015, despite releasing videos for “Out of the Woods” and “New Romantics” in late 2015 and early 2016.
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Brexit shockwaves hit UK consumers, wages and construction

lo4Shockwaves from Britain’s vote to leave the European Union are reverberating through the economy with surveys published on Thursday showing a sharp dive in consumer confidence and a slowdown in the construction sector.A month after the Brexit vote, the latest signals of a sharp economic slowdown are likely to add to expectations of action from the Bank of England on Aug. 4 when most economists say it will cut interest rates and might start buying bonds again.
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Greece the best holiday for families with teenagers

gr8Show me a teen on holiday, and I’ll show you a list of “Oh, muuu-uums”. The destination is dull. Your company vile. What’s the Wi-Fi code, again? They’re beyond building sand castles, but don’t want to lie on a lounger all day, either. And a kids’ club? They’re far too cool for that.To fill the gap between childish have-a-go-ism and adult autonomy, this summer Scott Dunn, the luxury tour operator and creator of British-middle-class-bubbles-from-home around the world, has launched Crew.
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Celebrities swimwear brands to be seen in this summer

f32The It bag era might be over (RIP) but that doesn’t mean that there’s not still something to be said for giving a knowing nod to a label of the moment.That nod may no longer come from the wink of a recognisable logo, but for the cognoscenti a certain style or print will be immediately clocked. This summer, that quiet cult buy phenomenon has spread to the beach.
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Belfast, energising the city’s music, food, drink and art scenes

party5“There’s a massive tradition here of what I call ‘third-culture’ stuff,” says Adam Turkington, who runs Belfast arts organisation Seedhead. “That’s where Terri Hooley, Stiff Little Fingers, David Holmes, all those guys come from – a subculture that stands out and, in a sense, says we’re not interested in either political tradition.” During the Troubles, that stance was provocative.
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Summer Is the Season to Love Your Body

swimwearEmily Ratajkowski is fast shaping up to be summer’s body-confidence poster girl. The 25-year-old actress stepped out in New York in one of her ubiquitous crop tops, showing off her signature set of aspirational abs, which lent a beach-bound vibe to her street-ready jeans and tee.
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Shopping with Venetian aristocracy

venice5Only about 400 Venetians are licensed to pilot a gondola, and those who have attained that qualification are required to wear a uniform:
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man2Americans are arrogant and greedy, according to people both within and outside the country. And, while Americans may believe themselves tolerant, that’s not the opinion of many across the globe.Those are some of the takeaways from a Pew Research Center poll released Wednesday, which surveyed over 20,000 respondents in 16 nations.
Respondents were read a list of six traits—optimistic, hardworking, tolerant, arrogant, greedy, and violent—and asked whether they associated that quality with Americans.
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Life lessons from the prince next door

style9Among the wealthy, there is new money and old money. Then there is really old money.Lorenzo Borghese’s noble family traces all the way back to Siena, Italy in the 1100s, where they were wealthy bankers. Among his ancestors: An actual Pope (Paul V).Borghese grew up a long way from Siena, mainly in Short Hills, New Jersey.
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