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Απο τα 152 εκατομμυρια των Κινεζων τουριστων ερχονται,μονο 150.000 στην Ελλαδα

Απο τα 152 εκατομμυρια των Kινεζων τουριστων διεθνως,στην Ελλαδα ερχονται μονο 150.000 Κινεζοι τουριστες,παρα την προβολη της ελλαδος στους Ολυμπιακους Αγωνες του Πεκινου,την μεγαλη προβολη πριν απο 2 χρονια,οπου σε καθε σταση λεωφορειου σε ολη την Κινα,η apple διαφημιζε το καινουργιο iphone,εχοντας τη φωτογραφια της Σαντορινης,επι πλεον εχουν γυρισθει αρκετες ταινιες με κυριο θεμα το νησι του ερωτα,οπως αναφερουν τη Σαντορινη.Το παραδοξο ειναι,οτι το Μαροκο,απο 10.000 τουριστες το 2015,ειχε 200.000 κινεζους τουριστες το 2018.Ο μικρος αριθμος των Κινεζων τουριστων στην Ελλαδα,εχει και μια σκοτεινη πλευρα,καθ οτι ο ΕΟΤ,διαλαλει οτι δινει το 40% της διαφημιστικης δαπανης στους Κινεζους tour operators,για την προβολη της Ελλαδος στα ΜΜΕ της Κινας,πλην ομως οπως αναφερουν πολλοι απο αυτους,οτι ποτε δεν πηραν τα χρηματα απο το ΕΟΤ και οπως αναφερει ο προεδρος της εταιρειας Bloom Mr Luc Zhang,δεν εχει λαβει τετοια ποσα απο τον τον Πλεξουσακη δ/ντη ΕΟΤ Κινας.Με αυτη την ευκαιρια,θα πρεπει να αναφερομε οτι με προσωπικα εξοδα,οργανωθηκαν τα προηγουμενα χρονια,εκδηλωσεις προβολης της χωρας μας,στο ξενοδοχειο Best Western Shenzhen,κυριως για στελεχη μεγαλων εταιρειων υψηλης τεχνολογιας και το μονο που εστειλε ο Πλεξουσακης του ΕΟΤ,ηταν εντυπο υλικο.Επι πλεον,οταν αρχισε το ραδιοφωνικο μας προγραμμα στο Hong Kong Shenzhen,πριν απο 4χρονια και ζητησαμε τη βοηθεια τους στο ξεκινημα μας,που αρχικα ηταν αμιγως Ελληνικο μουσικο προγραμμα,μας ειπαν οι απεριγραπτοι αυτοι τυποι,να τους καταθεσομε media plan,οταν ειναι γνωστο οτι τετοια πρακτικη,αφορα το
διαφημιζομενο και οχι το διαφημιστικο μεσο.Αλλα και οταν εφετος,προτειναμε,να κανομε στο κεντρο του Hong kong,Zorba dancing,με τη συμμετοχη κυριως ντοπιων του Hong kong,κατα τα προτυπα του Zorba Dancing 2013 στο Toronto,ο αναπληρωτης γενικος γραμματεας του ΕΟΤ,παρα τη διαβεβαιωση του,να βοηθησει,εξαφανισθηκε και οταν του αναφεραμε οτι κανουν καταχρηση πορων,μας ειπε να κανομε αναφορα.

Το μεγαλο σκανδαλο της χρυσης βιζας στην Ελλαδα,να αγοραζουν οι Κινεζοι μεσιτες διαμερισματα με λιγες χιλιαδες και να τα πουλανε περισσοτερο απο 250.000 ευρω

Το μεγαλο σκανδαλο της χρυσης βιζας στην Ελλαδα,να αγοραζουν οι Κινεζοι μεσιτες διαμερισματα με λιγες χιλιαδες και να τα πουλανε περισσοτερο απο
250.000 ευρω,εχει ως αποτελεσμα τα μεγαλα κερδη,απο την πωληση των ακινητων για την αποκτηση της χρυσης βιζας,να μη μενουν στην ελλαδα και να τα εκμεταλλευονται επιτηδειοι Κινεζοι,που τις περισσοτερες φορες διαφευγουν εκτος Ελλαδος.Τελικα,παρα το θορυβο,για τις μεγαλες αγορες ακινητων,απο πλευρας ποσων και αριθμου ακινητων,απο τους Κινεζους,οι Ελληνες εισπραττουν ψιχουλα και πρεπει να γινει αμεσα ρυθμιση,ωστε ο
Ελληνας πωλητης ακινητων,να εισπραττει τουλαχιστον το 90%,της αξιας του πωλουμενου ακινητου.

Coming Soon — GM Salmon Might Remain Hidden From U.S. Consumers

After the FDA lifted its ban on genetically modified salmon, the only question remained as to whether or not the product would be clearly labeled for health-conscious consumers. We appear to now have that answer, as reported by the Associated Press. It also seems that the company that has produced the new supercharged creature is not willing to brag publicly about where it ends up.
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Out of the Ashes: Clash of Civilizations Could Summon New World Religion

For those paying attention, there is a discernible pattern of social engineering that is directed at the major world religions, particularly Christianity.This is undoubtedly a very complex issue, as there are numerous belief systems and nuanced views of millions of people. What we know is that globalist financed wars and revolutions have fueled illegal immigration and stoked flames of conflict all over the world.
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Do You Remember The Oil Crisis And “Stagflation” Of The 1970s? In Many Ways, 2019 Is Starting To Look A Lot Like 1973…

The price of gasoline is rapidly rising, economic activity is slowing down, the Middle East appears to be on the brink of war, and Democrats are trying to find a way to remove a Republican president from office. In many ways, 2019 is starting to look a lot like 1973. For many Americans, the 1970s represent a rather depressing chapter in U.S. history that they would just like to forget, but the truth is that if we do not learn from history it is much more likely that we will repeat our mistakes. And without a doubt, right now a lot of things are starting to move in a very ominous direction.
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I spy: How Android phones keep tabs on our every move

As a consumer, you buy a new Android cellphone. It could be any brand, but it is likely to be an Android as they account for more than 80% of today’s cellphone market. You open the box, press the “On” button and the phone connects to the internet. Without further ado, you have just triggered the most sophisticated surveillance machine to date for monitoring your routines.
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JPMorgan Managing Director Dies Suddenly; Has Links to Other JPM Deaths

When you are the largest bank in the United States and you’ve been compared to the Gambino crime family in a book by two trial lawyers; when you’ve pleaded guilty to three criminal felony counts brought by the United States Justice Department in the past five years; when you’ve paid over $30 billion in fines over charges of crimes against the public and investors since 2008; and when you’ve had an unprecedented string of employees leaping to their death from buildings, dropping dead at home or on the street, and two alleged murder-suicides by employees — all in just the past five years – one might think that law enforcement might show some interest – especially since this employer – JPMorgan Chase – holds tens of billions of dollars of Bank-Owned Life Insurance (BOLI) on its workers. (This death benefit, by the way, pays tax-free to the corporation, not the employee’s family.)
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US Citizens Will Need A Visa To Visit Europe Starting In 2021

In a world in which most western liberal democracies are slamming Trump for demanding a wall be built on the US southern border to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the US, Europe is about to erect a metaphorical wall targeting legal US travelers, because starting in 2021, U.S. citizens will need a visa to visit most European countries.
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‘Frankenfish’: US approves importation of genetically engineered salmon

The long running battle previously came to a head in 2016 when Congress blocked the FDA from allowing AquaAdvantage Salmon to appear in grocery stores after the food watchdog declared the product, which critics have dubbed “frankenfish,” safe to eat.
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86 Years Ago, Hitler Carried Out a “False Flag” Showing How Gov’t Can Control With Lies and Fear

On this date, 86 years ago, the headquarters for the German parliament, known as the Reichstag building, was burned down due to arson. Immediately after the fires, the Nazis passed a piece of tyrannical legislation called the “decree for the protection of state and people,” which gave them total police state control over the population.
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Pentagon’s ‘lost’ trillions went to people connected to US military-industrial complex

Former Republican congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul has said that “the Pentagon’s lost trillions have nothing to do with defense, adding that the “money propping up the high lifestyles of those connected to the military-industrial complex.” Dr. Paul, a three-time American presidential candidate and the founder of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, made the remarks in an article published by his website on Monday. Deputy US Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan has recently acknowledged that the Pentagon has failed its first-ever comprehensive audit, saying, “We failed the audit, but we never expected to pass it.” “It was an audit on a $2.7 trillion dollar organization, so the fact that we did the audit is substantial,” Shanahan claimed. The first-ever audit of the of the $2.7 trillion enterprise that is the Pentagon identified widespread problems in cybersecurity, but found little in the way of savings that could offset potential budget cuts next year, according to officials. Pentagon’s comptroller David Norquist, who has played a key role in the audit, said after the report release that although no glaring instances of fraud were detected in the US military establishment, its Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Special Operations and the Transportation Command all received failing grades.

“The Outlook For The Global Economy Has Deteriorated”: Oil, Copper And Lumber

Oil, copper and lumber are all telling us the exact same thing, and it isn’t good news for the global economy. When economic activity is booming, demand for commodities such as oil, copper and lumber goes up and that generally causes prices to rise. But when economic activity is slowing down, demand for such commodities falls and that generally causes prices to decline. In recent weeks, we have witnessed a decline in commodity prices unlike anything that we have witnessed in years, and many are concerned that this is a very clear indication that hard times are ahead for the global economy. Let’s talk about oil first. The price of oil peaked in early October, but since that time it has fallen more than 25 percent, and the IEA is warning of “relatively weak” demand out of Asia and Europe…

Amazon Rolling Out ‘Amazon Pay’ Digital Wallet In Physical Stores

As FAANG stocks lead the market lower during what has become a relentless Q4 selloff, Amazon is hoping to reassure anxious investors that the company's relentless expansion and revenue growth will continue. To wit, the company is taking another big step toward establishing itself as the American WeChat or Alipay as it seeks to become the dominant player in electronic consumer payments in the US and beyond. According to the Wall Street Journal, the e-commerce giant is hoping to undercut Apple's Apple Pay by persuading more brick-and-mortar merchants to accept its Amazon Pay digital wallet. As it tries to build a foothold in payments outside of its Amazon Go stores, the company is reportedly focusing on building partnerships with restaurants and gas stations (businesses that have yet to be scalped by the Bezos revenue-absorption machine). To entice owners to give Amazon Pay a try, the company is dangling what appears to be a pretty enticing carrot: Amazon is promising to lower processing costs at a time when so-called "interchange" fees charged by Visa and MasterCard have been rising.

YouTube Lets California Fire Conspiracy Theories Run Wild

The Camp Fire in California has killed at least 79 people, left 699 people unaccounted for, and created more than a thousand migrants in Butte County, California. In these circumstances, reliable information can literally be a matter of life death. But on YouTube, conspiracy theories are thriving. Currently, when a user starts typing “California fire” into YouTube, the top autocomplete search suggestions are “conspiracy 2018,” “agenda 21,” and “laser beam,” all of which refer to conspiracy theories related to California’s wildfires. Similarly, typing in “California wildfire” leads YouTube to suggest “lasers,” “directed energy weapon,” and “dew,” which is an acronym for “directed energy weapon.” Simply typing “California fire” and searching it does return straightforward news coverage, which is an improvement over, say, the false flag and crisis actor conspiracies YouTube was surfacing about the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School mass shooting earlier this year. Believers of this false California wildfire conspiracy theory think that the US government shoots directed energy weapons, or lasers, from a plane in order to to start fires at predetermined targets. The goal of this attack, which is not actually happening, is to support a bastardized interpretation of “Agenda 21,” a sustainable development plan developed by the United Nations in 1992. This conspiracy theory also gained a little bit of traction on Twitter. The conspiracy theorists use doctored or out-of-context images in order to falsely argue that directed energy weapons, or laser beams, caused the wildfires in California—not climate change. By incorrectly claiming that the houses were consciously struck, these theorists ignore ecological science which explains that the arrangement of homes and topography of the land