Chinese SCAMMER Mark Xiao, Fraud company Forca Tech Co.,in Shenzhen China

markxiaoIf you meet Mark Xiao,onwer of fraud company Forca Tech Co.,Ltd company Shenzhen City, Guangdong, China Consumer Electronics,run away,he is a crook and we have been cheated by above company as follows :
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Chinese construction group signs $105m deal for British project

Chinese construction giant Beijing Construction Engineering Group (BCEG) has signed a deal with a British real estate firm to develop Britain’s largest residential project, the companies announced Tuesday.BCEG signed the contract worth 85 million pounds ($105 million) with British Scarborough Group. The Chinese company will carry out first-stage construction on Middlewood Locks, Britain’s largest multi-functional residential project.
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Greek Extra virgin olive oil linked to lower blood sugar and cholesterol

grfood2Compared to other kinds of fat, extra virgin olive oil may have healthier effects on levels of blood sugar and bad cholesterol after meals, according to an Italian study. That may explain why a traditional Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil is linked to lower risk of cardiovascular disease, researchers say.
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6 Healthy Ways to Manage Weight for Sports

sports20Sometimes an athlete needs to trim a few pounds to get ready for competition, especially for sports such as rowing and wrestling which have weight classes. Cutting weight — or dramatic weight loss in a short period of time — is not a healthy way to reach this goal, and isn’t recommended for young athletes.
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Is this safe to eat in China? That’s the question

chinafood8While a single television documentary, A Bite of China, lifted hearts warmed by thoughts of mother’s cooking, several issues brought the Chinese diners back to earth in a year pockmarked by various food safety scares.In March, there were reports of pesticide residue in tea leaves, while in April, there were again concerns about milk and worries about cooking oil recycled from the gutters.
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People who eat more yogurt have smaller waists

swim23A review of previous studies suggests that people who eat yogurt have lower body weight, less body fat and smaller waists – but it’s not clear if the yogurt is the reason.The researchers reviewed 22 studies. Thirteen of the studies observed people at one point in time and compared their yogurt intakes, finding that those who ate more yogurt had lower body weight or healthier body composition.
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More evidence ties sugary caffeinated drinks to poor sleep

coffee1 Adults who sleep no more than five hours a night are more likely to be heavy soda drinkers than people who get more rest, a U.S. study suggests.Soda is the main source of added sugar in the American diet, researchers note in the journal Sleep Health.Soda and lack of sleep are both independently associated with obesity, and sugar-sweetened beverages are also linked to rising rates of heart disease and diabetes, the authors write.
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Life lessons from the luxury world

style9When one of your first jobs involves filing insurance paperwork for pocket change at your dad’s office, it’s easy to see how you would yearn later on for something more glamorous.Marla Malcolm Beck went for ultra-luxe.But the early lessons on dollars and cents were valuable, and with the aid of an MBA from Harvard Business School, Beck turned luxury into big business when she founded the high-end beauty retailer Bluemercury in 1998 with her husband Barry.
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Proper Chinese weddings with an edge

chinamarriageWhat is the proper etiquette at a Chinese wedding? It turns out there may not be a consensus. What’s considered acceptable by some will be seen as outrageous by others. Part of the reason could be cultural.On March 30, Bao Bei’er and Bao Wenjing tied the knot on Bali island. They are movie starlets and, as such, invited a phalanx of showbiz friends for the wedding.
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New Sino-French action film

paris111French director Luc Besson’s latest film The Warriors Gate will open in China on Nov 18.The Sino-French production, which has Taiwan actor Mark Chao along with mainland actress Ni Ni and Hong Kong actor Francis Ng, has been written and produced by Besson.At a promotional event in Beijing on Tuesday, the film’s director Matthias Hoene said he was a fan of top Chinese filmmakers Chen Kaige and Zhang Yimou.
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Foods That Make You Look Younger & to Beat the Clock for Life

You can head off a lot of your most common beauty concerns simply by downing the right foods. That's right—eating well not only does wonders for your waistline and bolsters your immune system but can also provide some very real get-gorg benefits, such as smoothing wrinkles, giving hair a glossy shine and strengthening flimsy nails. "Your diet directly affects your day-to-day appearance and plays a significant role in how well you age," says Joshua Zeichner, MD. The smart approach, Dr. Zeichner says, is to create a plan that includes what he calls "the building blocks of healthy skin and hair"—nutrients, minerals and fatty acids—as well as antioxidants to protect your body from damaging environmental stresses. Get ready to nab some beauty-boosting perks by tossing these essential face-saving edibles into your grocery cart.What to eat to keep young and beautiful and among those products is Feta cheese is packed full of vitamin B12, which speeds up the replacement of dead skin cells.For Chinese or visitors of China,Horio feta cheese will be available at Ole-Van guards super markets by January 2017.

People choose larger portions of ‘healthy’ foods

People will choose larger portions of food if they are labeled as being "healthier," even if they have the same number of calories, according to a new study."People think (healthier food) is lower in calories," said Pierre Chandon, a marketing professor at the INSEAD Social Science Research Center in France, and they "tend to consume more of it." That misconception can lead to people eating larger portion sizes of so-called healthy foods, and therefore more calories."Foods are marketed as being healthier for a reason, because food producers believe, and they correctly believe, that those labels will influence us to eat their products and perhaps eat more of their products,"

New life for old cuisines

Central Asian restaurants have made a place for themselves in Beijing's Russian district, and diners are licking their lips, Erik Nilsson reports. Erik Nilsson The old Soviet Union is reuniting in Beijing - for dinner. At least its cuisine is. Central Asian fare has taken a central place at the table in the Yabaolu neighborhood's dining scene, as the city's "Russiatown" transforms into "Beijing-istan".Natives of the "stans" are making culinary inroads into China's capital as the New Silk Road Economic Belt develops, while fewer Russian traders are frequenting the declining Yabaolu fur market that spurred the original development of the surrounding Slavic enclave.This means compote, a juice of mixed fruits, is diluting volumes of vodka, as the tides of the boiled dried-fruit juice rise and the hard-drinking part of town dries up. (Actually, many of the area's Central Asian eateries are halal, but allow you to bring your own booze.) There's more yogurt and less mayonnaise. More kebabs and fewer cutlets. More plov (Central Asia's rice staple) and fewer potatoes.These eateries dot the Shenlu dining street behind the fur market, sprinkled among restaurants serving sustenance from China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, Mongolia,Greece,Turkey and Italy.

The most luxurious products for your lifestyle and “Oraia” Luxury Smartwatches

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Buy a super car Bugatti for your perfect freedom

80104038bBugatti Veyron Grand Sport Sport (4.038).Price:1.490.000. 2)Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse (8.010).Price:1.747.100 EUR 3)Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse (8.018).Price:1.794.600 EUR.For all above One year after delivery, optional extended warranty All prices Ex Works (EXW) Starsbourg France, excluding VAT, transportation and registration costs. No. of previous owners.For more